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I am the founder and developer of "L_Draven Games", a brand that was born with the idea of focusing on creating amazing games.

I´ve a development Youtube channel where I try to help the people that want to convert their passion in a real job in the videogames industry.

Do you have a business proposal? Do you need help with your current development? Not a problem. Contact me now.

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Deck Hunter is a roguelike card game. The World of Klanojh has been cursed by Glatta, the goddess of anger. Build your deck, make combos, defeat fantasy creatures and face the evil to restore the balance.


About Me

Here are some things that you should know about me.

Fernando Ruiz (@L_Draven)

Independent Game Developer

My name is Fernando Ruiz, mostly known on internet as @ L_Draven.

I´ve more than 19 years of experience in the videogames industry, working for big companies and worldwide titles,I had worked as Studio Manager, Project Lead, Studio Lead Technical Artist, Game Director, Creative Director, Lead Artist, Lead Animator, 3D Generalist Artist, etc...

I also develop and publish my own games completely from scratch.

When I have any free time, I spend it creating new ideas and improving my skills!

"Every second is a good time to create something"


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